De cero a zero, cuento


De cero a zero, cuento is not just a collection of narratives, it is rather an intricate web that invites us to find the thread of the skein whenever we move from one story to another. On one hand, Edel Romay raises the idea that "without an observer, reality does not exist." In other words, the act of reading is itself an act of dialogue with the author. On the other hand, he says that human reality (Reality) is the border between the macroreality of the universe (REALITY) and the inner nanoreality of the atom (reality). And in a subtle way, he leads us to ask ourselves: "What is really real in what we call reality?". Which makes us reflect on the symbiosis that is produced and reproduced between author and reader:


“—I remember, then, you exist –you affirmed to me.
“—I remember, then, I exist –I replied to you.
“ –Then, you and I exist at this moment ."