A Brief Poesy, 1989-2004

A Brief Poesy, 1989-2004 invites us to look into the relationship within the brain and the cosmos, the word with being, reality with time. In other words, he challenges us to reflect upon what Martin Heidegger once declared: “Language is the dwelling of the being”.


Moreover, Edel proposes the idea that “without an observer, reality does not exist”. Similarly, Romay encourages the internal dialog between I and You that reflects upon itself to construct a true I— the symbiosis that exists between reader and author within the same person. You are the other that creates and recreates me when I am read, because without a You, there is no I and vice versa. This in turn leads us to ponder in what the poet Octavio Paz asserted: “The eyes speak, words look, looks think…”.







ALBANY, Calif. – From Edel Romay comes “A Brief Poesy, 1989-2004,” a book of poetry and prose that invites readers to look into the relationship between the brain and the cosmos, the word with being, and reality with time. The author boldly and lyrically explores what he calls “absurd realism” which exists in today’s human reality. He perspicaciously provokes the reader to engage in a structured, candid soliloquy guided with the use of three striking narratives in the hopes of opening their eyes to this surreal, but meaningful of outlook of life.


Romay, a literary and plastic artist, augmented his knowledge through his travels and acquaintances with same-minded artists, as well as intellectuals in Mexico, Europe, the United States and South America. Accordingly, his oeuvre is highly influenced by great philosophers, poets and scientists. This oeuvre is what he desires to impart in this book that expounds on a different perspective of reality. For him, without an observer, reality does not exist.


In this book, Romay puts forward a contemporary concept that may seem surreal to many, but is a real phenomenon that is present in life called “absurd realism,” the existence of the absurd within what is known and perceived as human reality. Through the thought-provoking pages, one will begin to understand the relationship that exists between the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos as an interdependent reality. More importantly, the reader will progressively discern the multidimensionality that exists between the author and the self.


Housing a mind-expanding collection of poetry and prose integrated in a plastic narrative that galvanizes the reader to reflect and inquire on human reality, “A Brief Poesy, 1989-2004” takes his audience to a quantum world while allowing them to make the most out of their oneiric abilities.


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